Nov 18

Ready for a Change

It has been much too long since we revamped the Landmark Innovations website. I am reminded of the cobbler whose children never had new shoes. Well, that is not too far from the truth. We've been incredibly busy with repeat business over the past year. Many of our clients wanted to reinvent and reorganize their websites and each wanted to have a responsive template, driven by the knowledge that a high percentage of visitors use mobile to view online content. When a window opened to add this website into the queue, I was thrilled. I'm really excited about the clean, modern look, the functionality and yes, this new blog space.

Let us know what you think of our new site and thanks for checking in.

Nov 04

Canva - Now this is fun!

A business partner turned me on to Canva. What a helpful tool it is for keeping social media colorful and interesting! Not to mention how fun it is just to dabble for your personal pages. This easy-to-use design tool adds a nice touch to your social media posts - making your message stand out with a professional presentation.

Go ahead and give it a try.

And show me what you end up creating!